More Constitutional Amendments

February 21, 2014

At our meeting last night, we discussed a few necessary elements of our pursuit of a charter by the North American OCF office. The first of these is a revision of our constitution to include necessary pieces provided by the national office. Here you can find a copy of the proposed constituton with amendments. Added/modified sections are: a small change at the end of the Preamble with regard to later wording, Article 2 - Section 6, Article 4 - Newly-Numbered Sections 1 and 11, Article 6 - Section 4, and Articles 9 and 10. The current constitution can be found here.

We will be voting on these changes at our meeting planned for March 6 at MIT. Next week's meeting will be at 7:15 on WEDNESDAY, Feb. 26 at Harvard, in the basement of Grays Hall.